HOMELAND SECURITY?         "A Survey of the Marvel of Party Organization"
        The two page magazine spread below depicts the idealized German community in Hitler's Reich. It is from an English translation of selections from Hitler's wartime picture magazine "Signal". The English collection was published by Bison Books, London, England, titled Signal: Years of Trimuph 1940-42, Copyright 1978. The significance of this depiction is how clearly it portrays the role of the Nazi party in overseeing and monitoring the lives of German citizens during the Nazi Reich: the Block Supervisor, responsible to 30 to 40 households; the Cell Leader, responsible for four to six blocks; the Group Leader, who oversees groups of Blocks and Cells; the District leader, who oversees whole towns or groups of towns; and the Provincial (Gau) leader, who oversees the largest political units in Hitler's Germany. Click each image or section of text for a larger, more detailed image.