Put Citizens Before Corporations and the Super Rich. No Bailouts for Corporations

Just posted the following to Senators Todd Young, Mike Braun, and Rep.Trey Hollingsworth IN-09.

I’m contacting you to urge you to prioritize the health and security of all Americans in the coming coronavirus relief bill. We need direct cash assistance, paid sick leave, expanded unemployment insurance, student debt forgiveness, and funding for states to switch to vote by mail ahead of November’s election. Any corporate bailout must come with strenuous restrictions and oversight. Your tax cut to the wealth and corporations only resulted in corporations buying back their stock; raised the defit one trillion dollars, and ballooned the debt by three trillion dollars. Corporations do not need another bailout. The American people need money to eat, and access to testing for coronavirus NOW, and access to healthcare. Trump’s insane idea to encourage people to return to work will only increase the curve of infection, and threaten the lives of millions. Please put people before corporate profits as you consider relief options.


Author: Ron