Trump and GOP Failure and Absence of Leadership is Killing American Citizens

Posted the entire post by Adam Silverman to both Indiana Senators Todd Young and Mike Braun, and House IN-09 Rep. Trey Hollingsworth, with this preface in my own words:

The following reflects my thoughts on the complete failure of the President and members of the GOP in this time of national emergency. Please do not reply with a note on how Trump is taking action to fight this pandemic. Lying is a sin, as I am sure your mother taught you. This is all on Trump and GOP administrations total failure to address reality of this pandemic. And American citizens are dying, perhaps in hundreds of thousands, maybe in millions before this is over.

Entire Silverman post COVID-19 & National Security Part VI: America is Not Suffering From a Failure of Intelligence, It is Suffering From a Failure of, and an Absence of, Leadership, worth the read. Here is second key paragraph.

What we actually have is a failure of leadership. The President’s, the sycophants he’s surrounded himself with, members of the Republican caucuses in the House and the Senate, among Republican governors who are afraid of mean tweets and the President’s base, and among the publishers, editors, and executives at conservative news media outlets – from Fox News to talk radio to conservative digital news. The leak of the letter sent yesterday by Captain Crozier, the commander of The Theodore Roosevelt to his chain of command is just further evidence of what we’ve been observing since January in regard to the SARS-CoV2 outbreak and since January 2017 with this administration in general. With the exceptions of Director Wray at the FBI and Director Haspel at the CIA, there is not a single cabinet secretary or equivalent senior political appointee in this administration that would have even been nominated for, let alone confirmed to, their positions in any other administration with the possible exceptions of Secretary Chao and Attorney General Barr because of their previous senior cabinet appointee experience in previous administrations. You would not see any of these people in these positions in any other Republican administration. The few actually competent and qualified senior appointees, all of whom were generals (Mattis, Kelly, McMaster) with the exception of DNI Coats, are long gone. And the qualified subordinates they hired are long gone as well. What we’re left with is an incurious president who thinks he nows the price of everything, but really knows the value of nothing, as well as the price of nothing too and a bunch of senior appointees who would either never be considered for political appointments in any other administration or, at best, would be considered for deputy assistant positions at best. They, like their subordinates, have been selected for and/or retained because of professed and displayed loyalty to the President. These subordinates wouldn’t even be considered for the most junior positions in any other administration.


Author: Ron