Trey Hollingsworth Poll on Liability Shields for Employers Amid COVID-19

So I got an email from Trey Hollinsworth, R IN-09. Another case of him toeing the party line. One of the things the GOP is pushing for as the reopen the economy too soon, knowing that it will increase the death toll dramatically, is legislation to shield employers from liability for deaths of their workers.

Here is the poll.

Poll: Liability Shields
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As members of House and Senate work on another bill related to coronavirus, several have called for liability protections to be included in the next piece of legislation.

As businesses re-open and look to bring their employees back, many are still working on how best to operate and mitigate risk. Liability shields, on the federal and state level, would protect small businesses, grocery stores, healthcare workers, or other medical personnel from an onslaught of potential lawsuits arising from the coronavirus pandemic. Proponents believe these protections would encourage establishments to open and create best practices to keep employees employed and safe. Opponents of liability shields believe they would remove incentives to keep employees or customers safe.

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Question of the Week: Do you support a liability shield against personal injury lawsuits for employers as they work to bring employees back

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My response to Hollingsworth’s online poll. Note the statement below exhausted the available characters in the web form text box, although I still had more to say.

Hell, no, you Blood Gargling Sociopathic monsters. The GOP has become unrecognizable, it is peopled by selfish, greedy, monsters, for whom the rule of law is like the interpretation of the golden rule, i.e., whoever has the gold, rules. The GOP governors are forcing reopening too soon because they do not want to pay unemployment benefits. They do not care about the workers, who are the engines that drive the economy. They care only about their stock investments and wealth. Blood gargling….


Author: Ron