The GOP Blame Game: Try to Distract From Trump Failure by Blaming China

Again, a poll from Trey Hollingsworth, revealing what a willing tool he is of the Trump GOP, blindly following their latest attempt to distract form the reality of COVID-19 plandemic by yelling SQUIRREL and trying to create a task force to blame China for the virus. What pathetic failures these people are in their role as representatives of the people.


Last week, Republicans in the House of Representatives formed a China Task Force. The goal of the task force is to coordinate our country’s legislative strategy in order to address the economic and national security threats China poses to the United States. The House’s task force will also address the role China played in the spread of coronavirus, China’s coronavirus disinformation campaign, and how China should be held accountable.

Required 1.
Question of the Week: Do you believe China should be held accountable for the spread of coronavirus?

– Yes. China’s disinformation and dishonesty prevented countries from addressing coronavirus early.

– No. China should not be held accountable for the spread of coronavirus across the globe.

– I don’t know.

– Other (share your thoughts).


My response, inserted in the Comments section of the poll:

Jesus Christ, you guys just stand in the middle of the street yelling SQUIRREL at the top of your lungs to try to distract form the TOTAL FAILURE of Trump and GOP to act and curb this epidemics. And now Trump is trying to pressure CDC to UNDERCOUNT Covid-19 deaths. At the moment 80,000 is an UNDERCOUNT of actual 100,000 plus, due to EXCESS DEATH RATE nationwide exceeding normal death. All because there are not enough tests to verify. You are all Blood Gargling Sociopaths.


Author: Ron