Long Live the New Union of Socialist Republicans

Faxed to Rep. Baron Hill, Senator Evan Bath, and Senator Richard Lugar.

Long Live the New Union of Socialist Republicans

Welcome news comrades! We the People are now We the Owners. The People’s Insurance Company, formerly known as AIG, was saved for the time being from the forces of capitalism by the new Union of Republican Socialists, formerly known as the GOP. Somewhere in the great beyond, the ghost of Karl Marx is grinning while the spirit of Adam Smith forks over the one dollar bet with an invisible hand.

In a move aimed at averting a new global economic shock, the US Federal Reserve agreed an unprecedented 85-billion-dollar rescue loan for American International Group. The deal, sealed late Tuesday, saved AIG from collapse and gave the US government a 79.9 percent stake in the insurance behemoth.

Now that the People own a major insurance company, it’s fair to ask how the People’s Insurance Company, along with the People’s Mortgage Companies and the People’s Investment Banks, will benefit the People who Own them.

Can we expect lower premiums, equity sharing, and corporate perks for our hundreds of billions of dollars? Should we start checking our mailbox for dividend checks? Who gets paid first, claimants, bondholders, stockholders, or we the new taxpayer owners? We the Owners, want to know, and the Union of Socialist Republicans better damn well tell us, fast.

Of course, as we all know all too well, laissez faire capitalism and losses are only for us proles, the citizen wage and salary workers.

Nationalization and Socialism and assuming massive failures and debts generated by private corporations through deregulation followed by massive corruption and mismanagement, followed up with a health dose of golden parachutes to the failed CEOs of these companies in the tens of millions of dollars, that is reserved only for the plutocratic oligarchy of this great nation.

Well, at any rate, the revolution has finally come.

I am sure we can anticipate the national health care plan making insurance and health care available to all Americans any day now.

Are we right? Posted also to http://keepamericafree.com, with cc: Adam Smith


Author: Ron