ETrade Baby and the Stock Market Collapse

Here is the ETrade baby responding to the current economic collapse of the market and the bond ratings.

I would say enjoy, but I am not sure that is the operant word given the sorry state of this nation’s economic affairs, and the total vacuum in leadership and sanity in Congress and the White House.

But is still made me laugh. As long as I do not check my TIAA-CREF retirement investment valuations for at least the next five years. Or more. Maybe there will be something there in my seventies. I hope.

Oh, well, it least it gives me something else to write about and burn up paper on the Indiana delegation and White House FAX machines, and Pelosi/Boener/Cantor FAXes, too. I sometime wonder if those machines overheat and explode lately. I see Congressional approval is down to 14% at the moment in the latest polls. Wonder why? Any ideas?


Author: Ron