His Satanic Majesty Rupert Murdoch Lobbys for Internet Censorship

Need another good reason to oppose the current bills in Congress that will pretty allow corporations and government to arbitrarily censor the Internet without having to go through messy stuff like due process and judicial review?

Well, his Satanic Majesty Rupert Murdoch has been on the Hill lobbying Congress to pass these laws.

That is reason enough for me, right there, to oppose them tooth and nail.

The criminal Czar of a “news” organization that has been shown to have used illegal wiretapping and spying, and illegal payoffs to police and elected officials in England for years. And there is emerging evidence the same pattern of criminal abuse has been occurring here in the United States.

Not to mention the Faux Noise Nutwork and all the evil it has wreaked on America in its role as the propaganda mouthpiece for the GOP and the far right wing in America.

News Corp. honcho Rupert Murdoch threw his weight behind Congress’ attempt to restrict the Internet, personally lobbying leaders on Capitol Hill Wednesday for two measures that purport to combat piracy.

Murdoch’s media empire is among some 350 large corporations that have come out in favor of the Stop Online Piracy Act in the House, as well as the Protect IP Act in the Senate.

Both measures would require Internet operators to police activity online, and would mandate Internet giants like Google and AOL (the parent company of The Huffington Post and an opponent of the bills) and credit card companies to take down sites that have content deemed to be in violation of copyright rules.

The battle has pitted huge content generators like Disney and the motion picture industry against their online competitors, with each side reportedly spending some $90 million on lobbying efforts.

Supporters say the measures will help curb theft and preserve the integrity of the Internet. Opponents charge that the measures amount to censorship that will stifle innovation and impose higher costs on consumers.

Rupert Murdoch Lobbies Congress To Restrict Internet


Author: Ron