Go to College? Speak With an Accent? Today’s GOP: Your Papers, Please!

Little Rickey Santorum is running for president. Little Rickey has proclaimed that going to college is just a silly waste of time for real Americans, and for President Obama to encourage all Americans to go to college is just more socialist blather from an uppity Socialist from Kenya, who, according to most GOP voters, only got his degree from Harvard and edited the famous Harvard Law Review because Harvard let him slide because he was Black. You know how that works, wink wink nudge nudge.

That uppity, snobbish Obama. How dare he suggest such Un-American rubbish as pursuing a college education to better your life and your society.

Rick Santorum called President Barack Obama’s education goals an agenda of “hubris” on Saturday, saying he is “outraged” that the president thinks “every child in America should go to college.”

“The hubris of this president to think that he knows what’s best for you […] This is the kind of snobbery that we see from those that think they know how to run our lives,” the former Pennsylvania senator said in a forum at St. Anselm’s New Hampshire Institute of Politics.

Santorum: Obama’s education stance is ‘snobbery’

Not to be outdone in the GOP Clown Car Race to the Bottom, Willard Mittens Romney has this week opined that clearly we are not doing enough hating and being afraid of all the dark skinned illegals (all people of dark skin are either on food stamps or in the country illegally, you know). Willard has suggested that we need to add to our profiling efforts by paying attention to people when they speak, and if they speak with an accent, we need to immediately demand their papers, and force them provide identification proving that they are in the country legally.

The first priority, get the fence built. At the same time, have an employment verification system so that we know who’s here legally and who’s not here legally. I have personal experience with this. You don’t know who’s here illegally. You don’t have a way of telling, if someone comes and they speak with an accent do you say, well, are you here legally or illegally? And they tell you, well, how do you know. And so I want an employment verification system with a card, where it indicates that they’re here illegally, that they’re here legally, what their work status is so that you can hire them. If they’re not here legally you know you don’t hire them. And we need to have that kind of system or we’re not going to know who’s here illegally and not. So those are the first two things. And number three, for those that are here illegally today, tell them to get in line with everybody else who wants to come here. No special pathway, no special deal by virtue of having come here illegally.

Mitt Romney: “You can’t tell if someone with an accent is here legally or not.”

Willard needs to spend some time in my home state.

That would be Alabama.

I would like to introduce him to my rural relatives.

And after he has finished shaking his head while trying to understand their White Alabama accents, I will take him and introduce him to some rural and inner city Blacks in Alabama.

I can guarantee he will not understand 50% of what they say.

This will give him and the GOP a twofer: They can hate on both the accent and the color of the skin.

Meanwhile, the new motto of the true GOP candidate: Your papers, please!.


Author: Ron