Newt’s Lapses? “What About Obama’s Lapses”

I read where someone had the temerity, at a town hall meeting in South Carolina, to question Newt’s moral lapses.

Question: My question to you, I’m actually uncomfortable asking it… You are a candidate who truly reflects most of what I personally view and feel. And I think you articulate it in an aggressive and inspiring manner that makes me think of Churchill. So I find you genuinely a very inspiring and genuine candidate. Where I personally waver with regard to yourself, sir, is a history of things that may have to show character that some may genuinely feel questionable. And I wrestle with that, sir. I genuinely do. My personal thoughts are, how do I perceive lapses in personal judgment that perhaps happened in the past? But how is the voting mass of America gonna perceive and come to grips with that if you are our nominee to face Obama in the fall? Could you, as a candidate and as a gentleman who I respect, help me better wrestle with that topic?

Woman shouting: What about Obama’s lapses?

Newt Gingrich’s Marriage, Infidelity Questioned At Town Hall

Obama’s only lapse was his judgement in foolishly believing that the GOP actually cared about America and Americans and would actually work with him in a bipartisan fashion.

Newt’s lapses, on the other hand, consist of serial adultery. He divorces his first wife while she is in the hospital recovering from cancer. He phones in his divorce to his second wife, who had just been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, while she is several states away at her 84 year old mother’s birthday party. This to replace her with Callista, an intern a couple decades his junior. Whom he had been bedding while at the same time trying to impeach Pres. Clinton for misusing a good cigar on Monica Lewinsky.

The woman who shouted ‘What about Obama’s lapses?’ sums up the GOP in a nutshell. And I mean that quite literally.


Author: Ron