Gulf Seafood Deformities Alarm Scientists

Well, it seems that fishermen and scientists are reporting widespread examples of defects, deformities, and death rates in multiple species of Gulf fish, shellfish, crabs and shrimp. The entire web of supportable sea food life in the Gulf appears to be in serious trouble.

What does it say about the total failure of American journalism, the fact it has been owned and totally co-opted by and brought to heel by the American Corporate Oligarchy, that you have to watch Al Jazeera to get this news? Walter Cronkite, where are you when your country needs you? Thomas Jefferson, your watchdog the Fourth Estate is dead, it is now just a puppet appendage of the oligarchy.

Oh, and thanks again, BP, for your fine record of safety in the Gulf. I am sure somewhere you have CEOs putting bonuses in the bank for their excellent work.

And so what if this alarms scientists? Our leaders are not interested in the facts of science anymore. It tends to conflict too often with their created reality in which there is no global warming and the rich not paying any taxes insures the creation of new jobs, and destroying all regulation of business insures the safety of our food supply.


Author: Ron