The Best Supreme Court the Corporate Oligarchy Can Buy

Recent polling suggests that favorability rating of the Supreme Court of the United States is hitting an all time low, and explicit unfavorability rating is a point shy of recent all time high level.

Supreme Court Favorability Hits New Low In New Pew Research

Why should anyone be surprised? SCOTUS is now literally the best court the Koch Bros and the wealthy, right wing supporters of the Federalist Society could buy.

They have worked for decades to engineer a majority on the court they can count on to vote not based on precedent and Constitutional law, including the amendments passed after the Civil War, and the interpretations of the Commerce Clause, which underlies the vast majority of Federal power and law.

They do not believe in them. They reject them. Their lackies on the court have been seen repeatedly attending the right wing conventions put together by the Koch brothers and other like minded leaders of the corporate oligarchic takeover of America, behavior which in the past was considered totally unacceptable for a sitting member of SCOTUS, because they are supposed to be above such partisan machinations. Not in this case. They were there to get their marching orders. There are many commentators with knowledge of Constitutional law that think the court will not violate the interpretation of the Commerce clause, and will uphold the health care reform act. I wish I were as confident and sanguine. We will see in within a couple of months, I guess, just which way the winds at the Supreme Court are blowing, and whether the commentator cited will be nodding in satisfaction, or shaking his head in utter disbelief.

As far as I can see, it sure looks pretty obvious that the oligarchy has paid good money to get their justices on the court, and now they intend to take them out for a spin.

What you are now seeing is a court that will vote at will to take the position of the corporate oligarchy and the far right wing in America, precedent and the Constitution and all its amendments be damned.

If you think Citizens United was something, just stay tuned. I suspect you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.


Author: Ron