Enforce the Talking Filibuster Only. Insure Majority Rule, 50% Plus One Vote in the Senate.

I have just signed the following petition directed at Senator Reid, sponsored by the Communications Workers of America.

As the new Congress begins, it is time for the Senate to pass a common-sense package of rules reforms to end routine obstruction and ensure that the Senate will once again be able to address the critical issues facing our country.

Senate Resolution 4 would eliminate the filibuster on motions to proceed, require a talking filibuster, expedite nominations, and eliminate the filibuster on motions to establish a conference committee.

I urge you to move forward on this package of reforms when the Senate returns from recess on January 22.

Tell Senator Reid: End the Silent Filibuster

There are multiple variants of this petition, each targeting a different recipient on their web site. Feel free to sign them all.

Fix the Senate Now

And the Senate currently is, in fact, profoundly broken, and unless the ongoing abuse of the filibuster rule by the GOP is stopped, it will remain broken.

I consider the practice of silent filibustering everything that comes before the Senate by the GOP over the past four years to be an unconstitutional blocking of the clear intent of the framers for majority vote, i.e. 50% plus one, to be required for most legislation. What is particularly pathetic is that this is the same party that, when they were in power under George W. Bush, proclaimed their motto regarding judicial nominations by Bush was that all such nominations must be given an “up or down vote”, and 51 votes was all that was needed. Hypocrites. Vile hypocrites, actually. That is the GOP.

The filibuster to protect the minority interest should be allowed, but only in exceptional cases, and it must be a REAL filibuster, not the current shame, where one senator can block any and all appointments and legislation with a simple declaration of intent.

This has prevented filling judicial and ambassadorial appointments, and as such is simply the GOP abusing the rule in order to obstruct the will of the people and the right of the President to appoint to the judiciary and to ambassadorships.

Worst, there is clear evidence that senators are accepting campaign donations from corporations, and after taking that money, blocking any and all legislation intended to legislate or otherwise impact the donor corporations.

This is nothing less than bribery and greed run amok. It is corrupt. It is unacceptable. It must be stopped.


Author: Ron