Senator Donnelly, Senator Reid: Put a Stop to Republican Hypocrisy. End Abuse of Filibuster.

To Senators Donnelly (D-IN) and Reid (Majority Leader, D-NV):

You as Democrats can not stand by any longer and allow the Republicans to turn the act of filibuster into a joke. This is not a filibuster, this is one party deciding to insist that every vote demands a super-majority of 60%, not a simple majority as clearly stated in the Constitution.

Senator Reid’s continued blathering that he might do something about stopping this abuse has become an embarrassment to the nation. No one, especially the GOP, puts any stock in his threats, because they have to date proven meaningless and toothless. How does he continue to make what every knows by now are empty threats and promises, and keep a straight face, or not just blush in shame?

The Senate has become a laughing stock, a dysfunctional body. Never in the history of the Republic has the minority party been allowed to so completely block practically all judicial and key appointments of a sitting president. This is ludicrous, and hurting our society and our representative democracy.

You must insist on what the Republicans demanded, and got, when they were in power. An IMMEDIATE UP OR DOWN VOTE with 51% carrying the vote on ALL pending nominations, judicial and otherwise.

What the Republicans are being allowed to get away with is the rankest hypocrisy I have ever seen. That the Democrats and Harry Reid continue to roll over and allow it is disgusting.

With Republican obstructionism at record levels, it is clear that the Senate is broken and incapable of performing its duties. I hope your office agrees that the Senate is in desperate need of change and are willing to support reforming the chamber’s filibuster rules mid-session.

Please let me know your current thoughts on re-opening filibuster reform with an reply by mail.

Thank you in advance.


Author: Ron