Removal of Egypt’s Morsi Illustrates Abject Failure of American Journalism

The Egyptian military has removed President Morsi of Egypt from office, and arrested him and much of the leadership of the radical Islamic Brotherhood. This came after days in which literally tens of millions of Egyptians took to the streets to protest the excesses, failures, and increasingly undemocratic actions of Morsi’s government.

Meanwhile, here in the USofA, traditional mainstream TV journalism had been completely ignoring the story coming out of Egypt, barely offering any coverage of it. Instead, you hate CNN actually live broadcasting the trial of Zimmerman, who shot and killed a black male teenager for walking in public while Black.

Finally, a day late and many dollars of credibility lost short, the mainstream media suddenly start reporting on Egypt, after the story is almost over, and Morsi is removed from power.

Morsi Overthrow Coverage: Networks Finally Go Wall-To-Wall For Egyptian President’s Ouster

If you ever needed a stronger, clearer example of what crap American mainstream journalism has become, I don’t think you would need to look any further than this.

ALL of the traditional supposed mainstays of American TV journalism totally ignored a revolution that evolved over nearly a week, resulting in the military removing the radical Islamic Brotherhood from power in Egypt.

There is really nothing more to say, than to point out how totally useless our establishment journalism has become, and what a waste of time it is to look to them for actual fact based reporting on what is happening in the world.

This is the same establishment that totally ignored Obama’s address on climate change, one of the most important speeches he has given in his entire presidency.

But then, this is your corporate oligarchy owned disinformation media, they are not really journalistic enterprises anymore.

Panem and Circenses to pacify the masses; pablum for the peons. That is all they offer.


Author: Ron