Harry Reid Really, Really Means It This. GOP Better Stop Filibustering.

Well, I see where our Democratic excuse for a Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, is again threatening, I mean just THREATENING the GOP in the Senate, that is they are not nice, and don’t stop their invocation of the filibuster rules requiring a cloture vote on every last piece of business and appointment by the President that comes before the Senate, he is going to go all Nuclear on their A**es and change the Senate rules to allow a simple majority vote.

Harry Reid Escalates Filibuster Showdown Over Judges

And this time he really, really, really means it. I mean REALLY!

Blah blah blah. And where have we heard this before? Reid and the Democratic majority in the Senate are a laughing stock.

Either change the rules, and clear up the backlog of five years of appointments, or just admit what useless cowards and failures you are. The GOP has absolutely no intention of negotiating fairly, or of acting in a bipartisan fashion. That the Democrats have not figured this out at this point just confirms what a laughing stock as a party they have become.

When the GOP had a bare majority under GW Bush, they constantly proclaimed to from the mountain tops that every vote and appointment should be “an up or down vote”, and would have none of that silly filibuster obstructionism by the Democrats. That was the patriotic, American way. When the GOP was in power. Now, being the hypocrites they are, their position is the reverse.

But what is most galling is the spineless Democrats, who just keep letting this go on.

I mean, Dear $DEITY in Wherever, this has been going on for five f***(** years!!! Same old song, verse 5,472.

Just change the rules, and with a constitutional majority vote approve all these appointments to the judiciary.

P.S. If anyone from the Democratic campaign committees is reading this, this is one of many reasons why you have not seen a single dime from our household lately, and that is very likely to remain the case through the next election cycle.

I am tired of having my leg pissed on, and being told it is just raining.


Author: Ron