The GOP Declares Buying Health Insurance a Commie Socialist Plot

If there is any one thing this year in politics that is the final, nail in the coffin evidence of the batsh*t level of crazy and delusion and Obama Derangement Syndrome to which the right wing and GOP have stooped, it is their campaign to disrupt the implementation of the AHA (Obamacare).

Here we have the GOP telling people they should NOT BUY INSURANCE. That is what it boils down to.

Here we have the GOP trying to invoke ghosts of the past by telling people to burn their Obamacare cards, CARDS WHICH DO NOT EXIST.

Here we have the GOP committees in Congress issuing administrative commands designed to disrupt and block the ability of the ‘Navigators’ provided for in the act, jobs created to help advise the American people on how to BUY HEALTH INSURANCE.

The level of stupidity and ignorance of the American people continues to grow, almost exponentially, every day. These fires of ignorance are stoked by the ministries of disinformation controlled by the right, primarily the Faux Noise Nutwork, which is all wingnut, all lies, all the time. But most of the other major mainstream media are not far behind. No one should be surprised that we cancelled our cable TV account this month. Why should be pay for something that has nothing we watch? The few things we do want to see, we can get online via the Internet. The mainstream news outlets are pretty much just advertising and disinformation organs of the corporate oligarchy, you cannot get factual news watching them anymore.

Some commentators, after the GOP loss in Obama’s reelection, declared a couple years ago that PEAK WINGNUT had been achieved. That surely, surely the turn to the dark side would decelerate now, and a new age of rationality and reason would emerge.

Boy, were they ever wrong on that one.


Author: Ron