FCC Must Declare Internet Common Carrier Status

I just submitted commentary to FCC via a CredoAction petition, since the deadline for commentary is tomorrow. Following is text of my comment:

The Internet must be reclassified as common carrier.

The Internet was and is by design a voluntary association of independent networks. It IS NOT a broadcast medium in the traditional sense of television. This is the myth being sold by the large, monopolistic ISPs, who want to control not only the medium, but the message. They want to market their own profit making offerings, and favor them.

They want to increase their profit margins by extorting others in order to give their traffic on the Internet favorable status.

This all absurd.

The Internet is nothing more and nothing less than a switching system to carrier generic packets of information, from anywhere, to anywhere, by means of traffic control that can route the information in any number of alternate tracks.

Aside from the fact that the Internet should be classified common carrier, nothing more, nothing less, the major ISPs should be broken up. The handful of larger carriers are operating as monopolies, contrary to long standing law forbidding monopolies. The American people pay outrageous amounts of money for slower speeds and poorer service than any other developed nation. That is because they enjoy pretty much monopoly status in their service areas. Congress should end this.


Here is a link to the Electronic Frontier Foundation online petition. Go sign it and demand this insanity stop.


Author: Ron