Trump’s Policy of Incarcerating Children Turns America Into Nazi Germany

This post was submitted to Senator Todd Young, R-IN, and Trey Hollingsworth, R IN-09. Neither of whom will understand its content, but the effort had to be made.

I say this as a 72 year old who devoted much of his life to studying German language, literature, and history.

The TRUMP policy of incarcerating children, even babies still breast feeding snatched from their mothers arms, equate to nothing less than the treatment of Jews and other “undesireables” in Nazi Germany.

To claim Biblical support for enforcing the law is a travesty and an insult to honest Christians. The Bible repeatedly says treat the immigrant as your own, clothe the naked, feed the hungry, love your neighbor.

Frankly, I am surprised Trump does not burst into flames every time he enters a church.

The continued silence of the GOP, the hypocrisy and total abandonment of all morals and ethics, will be written in histories of this period, about those members who sold their soul and sold out their country, choosing allegiance to a wannabe dictator, and someone who thinks he is above the law, over the Constitution and the rule of law and the American People.

Right now, that would be you.


Author: Ron