Call for Joe Donnelly to Oppose SCOTUS Nomination of Kavanaugh

Letter via email form at to Joe Donnelly, Senator Indiana. Also sent as part of petition drive by

As a constituent who votes Democratic, and votes in every election including primaries, I urge you to firmly oppose any of Trump’s nominees for the Supreme Court.

We need our elected officials to advocate for all of us. Brett Kavanaugh has disastrous implications for the well-being of the country.

He has a proven track record of siding with corporations, attacking voting rights, attacking racial minorities and other endangered minorities, and he will enable state legislatures who are trying to kill women’s freedom of control over their own bodies by killing access to legal, safe abortions.

If you vote to confirm Kavanaugh, be assured I will withhold my vote for you when I walk into the voting booth. As will my wife. And my son.

If I wanted a GOP Senator, I would not have voted for you last time. You failed the test on the attack on Planned Parenthood, to your shame. Do NOT fail.

Oppose this takeover by the right wing and the corporate oligarchy of the Supreme Court. The future of our Democratic Republic hinges on your vote.

He could endanger the lives of the most vulnerable members of our society.

Your constituents’ rights are at stake. Please vote to oppose confirmation of Trump’s nominee, Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court.

Thank you,
Your constitutent


Author: Ron