Indiana 09 Trey Hollingsworth Must Vote NO on Trumpcare

I just called the Washington office of Rep. Trey Hollingsworth, and left a message with aide that answered the phone, the gist of which follows. I have also submitted this text via email contact form on Senate web site for Senator Todd Young of Indiana.

I am utterly opposed to the repeal of the ACA, popularly known as Obamacare.

The Paul Ryan / GOP plan, which they tried to push through on March 23, but did not bring to a vote, was amended, and an effort to bring it to a vote March 24th is scheduled. This was done in an effort to try and avoid a revised CBO rating. The CBO still managed to issue a rating, and not only will the bill put 24 million people back out of health insurance, it will cost 186 billion dollars MORE than the previous version.

The GOP do not care about health insurance, they do not even understand what it is. No one making and living on 20,000 a year can save 8,500 dollars for insurance, much less a health savings plan. Health insurance cannot be covered by health savings plan. I recounted how my son had almost died of pneumonia last year, and the hospital bill was well over 100,000 dollars. I pointed out how according to the logic of the GOP, such things as car insurance and homeowners insurance are pointless, everyone should just have savings accounts set aside to replace their car if is totaled, or their house in case it burns down.

The GOP goal is to revert to what we had before the ACA, i.e. insurance companies not insuring anyone but the healthy, denying preexisting conditions, and returning to profit levels of 30 – 40 percent, which is all they are interested in.

I pointed out that I was a member of AARP, retired and living on a healthy income, but I still paid over 15% in taxes every year. Not only that, I did not mind paying taxes, because I believe all Americans deserve access to health care and health insurance, and I, unlike the filthy rich, do not mind paying my share. I pointed out how the GOP has resisted and tried to destroy Medicare, Medicaid, in fact any form of assistance via the government to the American people, so none of their present actions should surprise anyone.


Author: Ron