Taxes, Simple Math, and a Pot to Piss In

I read this morning that the fine people of Arizona are finally all having a hissy fit because, due to the current Arizona budget shortfall, thanks to the Bush/Cheney recession, the government is going to close a bunch of rest stops along major highways. How Arizona Citizens Should Relieve Themselves .

Here is how simple math works for the government to serve the people, which is its purpose, and a requirement for society to function.

The shortfall of $100 million dollars would require an additional tax per capita on the 6,500,000 residents of the state of $15.25. OH THE HORROR! OH THE HUMANITY! In fact, that would provide a few thousand extra. Maybe they could use it on toilet tissue.

You get what you pay for. If you want a place to stop and take a piss, then quit bitching and moaning about the evil government, and pay your taxes.

If you want to really get what you pay for, on behalf of the people, quit voting the same crooks, liars, con artists, and sexually deviant Republicans into office, and start electing people who proudly announce they actually believe in government, and want to make it work, and further, to make it work on behalf of the people while spending your tax dollars to benefit humanity, not on crooked contracts and the war machine.

And lo: there would be rest stops for all.

I continue to be surprised that I have to explain these things. But then I see poll after poll where the government hating right wing, when pinned down, can not identify a single service that they would want to see defunded and stopped. Even while waving signs that tell me Obama is a socialist and they want to teabag somebody because of the unfair taxes they are paying. I wonder if they use publicly funded restrooms while taking breaks from those demonstrations? Do they put their ‘moran’ signs down or carry them to the toilet with them? Just wondering.

What could be a more fundamental expression of why you pay taxes than having a place to stop and relieve oneself on a long drive on America’s highways.


Author: Ron