CNN, Cheney and Daughter, and the New McCarthyism

I did not think I could be more disgusted with CNN and Blitzer, but after yesterday, when a chiron appeared on the bottom of the screen, ‘Dept of Jihad’, I am again proven wrong.

A totally anti-American slur against the Department of Justice by the evil Dick Cheney and his spawn of Satan daughter, a slur that repudiates the very foundation of our Constitutional system of law and legal representation, gets McCarthyite billing on CNN. Blitzer and CNN are now plumbing the depths reached years ago by Faux Noise Network.

No longer does CNN represent actual journalism.

This commentary by Glenn Greenwald at Salon sums it up perfectly:

“CNN’s Wolf Blitzer spoke volumes today about himself and his “news network.” First, on Twitter, he excitedly promoted his upcoming story about what he called the “intense debate about Obama Justice Dept bringing in lawyers who previously represented Gitmo detainees.” On March, 9, 1954, Edward R. Murrow famously devoted his entire broadcast to vehemently condemning Joseph McCarthy’s witch hunts, explaining: “This is no time for men who oppose Senator McCarthy’s methods to keep silent.” By contrast, Wolf Blitzer—receipient of an Edward R. Murrow award—sees such smear campaigns as nothing more than an “intense debate” to neutrally explore and excitingly promote.” It is for reasons like this that I simply cannot watch CNN news anymore. It is a failed news organization. It has become almost as sickening a joke as Faux Noise Nutwork.

The full-scale collapse: From Murrow to Blitzer

Clearly, for Cheney and his evil minions on the right, the concept of innocent till proven guilty, and right to legal counsel, are just something that was supposed to have been thrown out with all our other civil liberties after 9/11. After all, everything changed, as far as they were concerned. As George W. Bush said, the Constitution was “just a God-Damned piece of Paper”. There is debate over whether Bush said those exact words, but his and Cheney’s actions have had the same net effect on the course of American history.


Author: Ron