Willard Romney, or Mitt Romney: Two Candidates for President Viral Video

Willard (his first name, about which he lied recently), understands one thing only: his own personal crusade for wealth and office.

He has only one unshakeable core value in his past: make a profit, no matter how many companies he helps buy, break up, and destroy, skimming off the cream while destroying the lives and jobs of thousands of people.

Of course, this all makes him a perfect GOP candidate. Except for the fact that the religious right in America will never vote for a Mormon. I can assure you I never will. It is a totally wacko cult, invented by a con man. And I don’t want a man in the office of the President who is motivated by the belief he gets his own planet in the after life, or literally become gods themselves.

Here is a quote
Joseph Fielding Smith Jr., Doctrines of Salvation, Vol.1, p.69 – p.70:

THE STRAITNESS OF THE WAY. Mortality is the testing or proving ground for exaltation to find out who among the children of God are worthy to become Gods themselves, and the Lord has informed us that “few there be that find it.”

LDS believe that when they die they get their own planet to rule if they have lived a “Righteous life”.

Video compliments of the web site Mitt vs Mitt. The Story of Two Men Trapped in the Same Body.

Paid for by the Democratic National Committee. I for one am glad to see them take the gloves off and start going after the rampant insanity that right now characterizes the GOP and its candidate pool.

Oh, and I liked this bit of snark regarding the Romney campaign response to the video.

Mitt Romney’s campaign is holding 12 different conference calls today to respond to this ad. Presumably 6 will be in favor of it, and six against it.

Democrats unveil devastating video on Mitt Romney’s flip-flops+

Actually, I am not sure just two Mitt’s gets it. The man is really a fractured, constantly revolving multiple personality disorder in action. Take for instance his four different positions on the illegal immigrant issue.

1. In 2006, Romney supported deporting some undocumented immigrants but allowing others to remain in the United States to gain legal status.

2. In the 2008 campaign, Romney switched positions and supported deportation for all undocumented immigrants, but also said they should be allowed to apply for permanent residency or citizenship once they have left the U.S.

3. Last Tuesday, Romney initially took an absolute hardline, saying he opposed allowing any undocumented immigrants to become permanent residents. He then implicitly contradicted himself by saying he wouldn’t draw lines about “who gets to stay and who gets to go.”

4. On Wednesday, Romney appeared to return to his 2008 campaign position, saying he supported allowing undocumented immigrants to become permanent residents, but only if they were first deported.

Mitt Romney’s flip-flop-dodge on deporting undocumented immigrants

I eagerly await the response from the GOP voting members of the electorate. I seem to recall that “flip flopping” was considered an absolute disqualification for a candidate in a certain recent presidential election.

But then again, that would require the GOP to not be a bunch of lying hypocrites, which they are, so I will not be holding my breath in anticipation.


Author: Ron