This Will Flip the GOP Out. “Obamacare” Is Working!

The GOP and the corporate oligarchy are terrified, because they have begun to fear that the truth is getting harder and harder to ignore and keep from the American people.

Here is the gist of article in USA Today on the emerging evidence of the positive impact of the health care reform passed early in Obama’s administration.

* Seniors have saved $1.5 BILLION plus on prescriptions thanks to reduction of the “doughnut hole” by the 50% discount on drugs in that period.

* Seniors have saved $569 per person under the new policies.

* Premiums for seniors have not gone up.

* Medicare premiums may even go DOWN next year.

* The expansion of information for seniors on Medicare is engaging people more effectively in their own health care.

* So far some 24 million have had the free wellness screenings and preventive check-ups.

* Even the conservative Heritage Foundation think tank apparently is admitting these measures will help lower healthcare costs.

Health care law changing behavior. USA Today

And none of this addresses the medical loss ratio requirements which just kicked in this month, which require insurance companies to spend 80-85% of all income on actual medical expenses on their insured customers. Most Important Part of “Obamacare” Kicks in This Month, and Americans Should be Grateful


Author: Ron