A Thank You Note to Rep. Todd Young (IN-09) for Constituent Outreach

I fax all my communications to Congressional representatives, both houses, speakers, and the White House; plus I post them to this web site and state this clearly in the intro to each fax.

Even though he knows I am a very liberal Democrat, my GOP Rep. Todd Young here in IN-09 had one of his aides call me Monday December 5th about a fax I had sent denouncing the attempt to let the bankers and mortgage industry off the hook for both the original MERS techniques that trashed clear title and ownership trail during the bundling, then the sweatshops signing the foreclosure documents by the hundreds every day without even reading them.

I wanted to know why these criminals were getting away with their crimes, being rewarded with bailouts of my tax money, yet I, the middle class, and the poor are being told we are the ones who have to sacrifice.

I was on the phone with the aide for at least 20 minutes.

That is an ETERNITY in constituent time.

Although I profoundly disagree with the majority of Young’s positions (he was elected last cycle replacing a Blue Dog Democrat, Baron Hill, who was not much better), which include all the patent falsehoods on the supposed bankrupt nature of Medicare and Social Security, re: which I took the opportunity to speak bluntly about truth vs. manufactured reality of the GOP positions, I have to give him credit for having his staff phone me and ask me to elaborate to the degree I did.

I sincerely hope that the notes the aide says she took as I talked end up on Rep. Young’s desk. And I hope he reads them.

This nation needs to be looking at the facts, not manufactured reality and talking points that are 180 degrees opposite from the truth. Sadly, that is pretty much where most of the GOP and too many Democrats are in Washington today.


Author: Ron