History Will Judge the GOP For Failure to Remove Trump from Office

Donald Trump spoke at Farm Bureau convention in New Orleans. He said many crazy things. He fumbled, blustered, tripped over anecdote about a rancher named Chilton, who shot a border patrol agent, but said Clinton, so just went with that, the Clinton’s ranch. He went into gory detail on how illegal immigrants are capturing women and raping them, “They tape their face, their hair, their hands behind their back, their legs.”

Here are 5 crazy moments from Trump’s Farm Bureau speech

How sick this man is could not be clearer. Even Faux Noise Nutwork cut away from live coverage of the his speech!! His very own propaganda Pravda network realized how crazy he is!

This performance is just one in the daily stream of examples of how members of the GOP and the current Executive officers, including Vice President Pence, have totally abandoned all pretense of having any respect for the oath the took to uphold the Constitution of these United States Trump is clearly in severe mental decline. If they respected those oaths, they would invoke the 25th and remove him from office.

He is clearly incapable of executing the duties of his office in a way that does not threaten the very fabric of our representative democracy, and damage to the people of the nation, not just the poor, but the economically well off, who are now seeing exploding debt, deficit, and collapse of the stock market, with a recession if not a depression looming by the end of 2019.

Sadly, they are all corrupt cowards, in this just for money and power and self-aggrandizement. They are moral midgets, and history will judge them harshly.


Author: Ron