Willard RMoney, Just Another Good Ole Boy Man of the People, Y’All

A story reported from the Boston Globe reports on how Willard Mitt Romney chose the VIP route to renew his license, rather than mingle with the commoners in the usual long lines and waiting room.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney used a private, VIP Registry of Motor Vehicles office Wednesday to renew his Massachusetts driver’s license, avoiding the lines and the aggravation that have been synonymous with the agency.

The office, located in the State Transportation Building, is just blocks from a standard Registry branch in Chinatown. But Romney instead went to the headquarters of the state’s Transportation Department, visiting a second-floor office belonging to the Registry’s enforcement division, his campaign confirmed Thursday.

The space is often used by state troopers investigating accidents, though it has also become known as a place for celebrities, athletes, and other high-profile drivers to transact their business.

The Registry officials said such drivers receive different treatment because their presence in a public Registry branch could cause a disruption.

“Particularly because he has Secret Service protection, we thought it was a prudent request to let him do it in that fashion,’’ said Cyndi Roy, a Transportation Department spokeswoman.

Romney takes VIP detour to renew license

This actually demonstrates how tone deaf and out of touch with real people Willard is. Further, it shows what an idiot as a campaigner he is.

Tell me honestly, you know I’m right, if this had been Bill Clinton or Barock Obama, they would have waded into the waiting room of the regular office, and shaken every hand in the joint, and probably have signed some autographs, too.

But not Willard. He chose to avoid what could have been a tremendous PR moment. And that says everything about him.

Then again, he probably would have babbled some new monstrous gaffe, like how many owners and CEOs of car manufacturing companies he knows personally, and it would have been a net negative. Maybe his staff just know this, and so try to keep him out of harms way. Trouble is, only way to do that is to put duct tape on his mouth in public, it seems.

He is the most inauthentic, fake, plastic, empty shell of a person running for president I have seen in my at this point somewhat long lifetime, and I have voted in every presidential election since the late 1960’s except one, when I was living in Europe and did not vote absentee.

Thus short video of the Romneybot pandering and faking a Southern drawl in Alabama during the primary campaign this past week just sort of says it all. And he loves grits, now, too, or so he says. Y’all. Check out the link, piece trying to justify pandering as a political art form for survival. Note: I was born and raised in Alabama. Willard’s imitation drawl just made me want to puke.

The following obviously totally genuine photo of Willard showing off his brood has gone pretty much viral. Hard to imagine why.


Author: Ron