OMG ONOZ! Rush Limbaugh’s Freedom of Speech is Being Violated by an Army of Sluts!

I see where Rush Limbaugh’s defenders are getting desparate now that most of his major sponsors have asked their ads no longer support his show.

They are declaring that Rush’s “Freedom of Speech” ™ is being violated.

To those arguing this I can only suggest the following.


As long as you respect the free market which is telling Rushbo to take a hike into oblivion.

Rush can strip down naked and talk to himself in the mirror at home all day long, for all I care. He would probably enjoy that. Just as long as this nation does not have to listen to his bigoted, homophobic, hate and lies filled speech anymore on the dime of these advertisers. Let him do it on free public service announcements. As of the moment, those appear to make up about 85% or so of what ad space remains on his show; and that is not counting the minutes of dead silence that have appeared increasingly. Oh, that of course excludes the public service spots whose sponsors have asked they NOT be aired on his show, there is a growing list of those. Including those evil Girl Scouts. What a bunch of sluts.

Again, tell us all you do approve of the workings of the free market and its right to make decisions like this. Right?

Oh, and among the bands demanding that Rush stop using their music on his show, I particularly liked the statement coming from “Rage Against the Machine”.

‘Stop Using Our Music On Your Racist, Misogynist, Right Wing Clown Show’

I think that sums it up pretty well.


Author: Ron