Mitt Romney and Deadbeat Welfare Moms

Well, I read where Mitt Romney has declared that deadbeat moms on welfare should be forced to go out and get a job or lose their benefits.

Here’s an idea. Put those mothers to work as janitors in the schools with Newt’s child janitor replacements. What a win win situation. We add both poor women and poor children to the pool of available free labor as part of the growing serfdom class in thrall and bondage to the 1%.

This is where the GOP is taking this nation. The destruction of every bit of progress in social justice and protection of rights from exploitation established over the past century.

They don’t want to go back just to the 1950’s. Or back to the pre-Civil war, getting rid of those pesky amendments passed after the war and that pesky Emancipation Proclamation that obviated the 3/5 of a person written into the original Constitution.

Heck, the original Constitution without the pesky Bill of Rights is not far enough.

They would like to go back to the Middle Ages pre-Magna Carta, as far as I can tell.

Feudalism, and liege Lords. That is the GOP of the current American political culture.


Author: Ron