Corruption in Catholic Church Banking, and Deer Hunting in Wisconsin.

Well, what a shocker news item. Who could have, in their wildest imagination, thought that there would be financial corruption in the Catholic Church? Unthinkable! Right?

An already sordid scandal over leaked Vatican documents took a Hollywood-like turn Saturday with confirmation that the pope’s own butler had been arrested after documents he had no business having were found in his Vatican City apartment.

The detention of butler Paolo Gabriele, one of the few members of the papal household, capped one of the most convulsive weeks in recent Vatican history and threw the Holy See into chaos as it enters a critical phase in its efforts to show the world it’s serious about complying with international norms on financial transparency.

The tumult began with the publication last weekend of a book of leaked Vatican documents detailing power struggles, political intrigue and corruption in the highest levels of Catholic Church governance. It peaked with the inglorious ouster on Thursday of the president of the Vatican bank. And it concluded with confirmation Saturday that Pope Benedict XVI’s own butler was the alleged mole feeding documents to Italian journalists in an apparent bid to discredit the pontiff’s No. 2.

“If you wrote this in fiction you wouldn’t believe it,” said Carl Anderson, a member of the board of the Vatican bank which contributed to the tumult with its no-confidence vote in its president, Ettore Gotti Tedeschi. “No editor would let you put it in a novel.”

Paolo Gabriele Arrested: Pope Butler Had Secret Documents In Possession, Vatican Says

So what? The Church and secular legal authorities have ignored the rampant, unending pedophilia and abuse by the church of children forever, even as the absolute truth of the depth and depravity of that corruption has emerged into the light over the past decade world wide.

What makes anyone thing that those with the money and those who have the power will not sweep this right under the rug, too, nothing to see here, move along. The Golden Rule for the 1% is very simple: Whoever has the gold, rules.

While the whistleblower will be treated as the criminal, and his life will be destroyed.

NOTHING I have said above should surprise anyone anymore. Ours have become corrupt cultures, and the veneer of the rule of law and equality that we seemingly were striving for in at least the “Democratic West” are collapsing around us, as we enter a new edge of feudalism, in which the nobility and clergy are again restored to their positions as unassailable masters of the universe, exempt from having to adhere to pesky laws. Those are designed to keep the plebs and the serfs under control. Oh, and they have all the wealth back into their control now, too.

Best example lately? In Wisconsin, Scott Walker and the GOP Thugocracy have decided that public deer hunting for free on land is socialism. They are actually working to destroy this generations old tradition. Soon, we will be back to the age of Robin Hood, when killing the king’s deer was a capital crime. But in Wisconsin.

As reported in Lodi Valley News, Walker has hired Texan Dr. James Kroll to serve as Wisconsin’s “deer czar,” a position that gives Kroll considerable power over Wisconsin’s deer management policy. Kroll is an outspoken proponent of game farms, and an opponent of public lands and public game management, which he is on record as describing as “the last bastion of communism.”

The public lands Kroll despises include the state parks, state and national forests, and other publicly held property that hundreds of thousands of Wisconsinites—particularly in the northern part of the state—rely on for deer hunting. Hunters on public land may be surprised to discover that Walker regards their annual trek into a state forest as a radical left wing activity akin to marching in a May Day parade in Red Square. But so it is.

If Kroll gets his way, public land hunters will get the shaft. The deer herd no longer would be managed as a public resource, but as the private property of wealthy landowners. Wisconsin will become like Europe, where hunting is the privilege of the wealthy.

Will Wisconsin Privatize Public Land?

As for the Catholic Church, the sooner this corrupt, useless institution is abolished, and salt rubbed into the ground where the Vatican was, the better.


Author: Ron