Support a Constitutional Amendment to Get Big Money Out of Politics

The Constitution is not broken. SCOTUS is broken. Congress is broken. The Supreme Court and Congress for the past 12 years decided to simply ignore the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

The Roberts court is now the best money the Koch Brothers could buy, and with the Citizens United ruling, they took it our for a test drive. I suspect they will follow that up with a decision on the health care act that overturns the basic principle that interprets the commerce clause to underlie much of all federal law and power since the 1930’s. This is what the corporations and the oligarchy want, and have been working towards for decades. They will not stop until they get it. So do not be surprised.

The result of the Citizens United ruling? Our Democratic Republic and the integrity of our elections is collapsing into an abyss of corporate money and billionaire money. There are 23 billionaire sugar daddies who this year are essentially competing to see which one of them can buy themselves a president. Campaigns are not even bothering to adhere to the few remnants of law that apply, such as that forbidding direct cooperation between the Super PACs and the candidates themselves. Why bother? The rule of law is dead, and the Constitution is on life support.

Citizens United MUST be reversed, or it will be the death of our Republic, and the confirmation that the Corporate Oligarchy is now fully in control and ownership of our society, lock, stock, and barrel. Welcome to the 21st century version of Feudalism. Your Lords are retaking control of their serfs, their lands, and the law. It really is that simple.

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Support a constitutional amendment to get big money out of politics


Author: Ron