The Takeover of Conservatism Activists on the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court is expected to rule next week on the constitutionality of the Affordable Health Care Act.

Keep in mind this legislation is PRECISELY the market oriented, non-government health care approach advocated by the GOP, and implemented in Mass. by Mitt Romney. It was their plan, and what they supported: until Obama opted to accept it as the only feasible solution that could be pushed through Congress to try and address our growing health care cost and delivery crisis.

At that point, suddenly the GOP was totally opposed. Quelle surprise, and the French would say.

Here is what Ezra Klein has to say writing out this issue at the Washington Post.

While I was reporting out my New Yorker piece, I spoke with Akhil Reid Amar, a leading constitutional law scholar at Yale, who thinks that a 5-4 party-line vote against the mandate would be shattering to the court’s reputation for being above politics. “I’ve only mispredicted one big Supreme Court case in the last 20 years,” he told me. “That was Bush v. Gore. And I was able to internalize that by saying they only had a few minutes to think about it and they leapt to the wrong conclusion. If they decide this by 5-4, then yes, it’s disheartening to me, because my life was a fraud. Here I was, in my silly little office, thinking law mattered, and it really didn’t. What mattered was politics, money, party, and party loyalty.”

Of course the Supreme Court is political

Posted by Ezra Klein on June 21, 2012

I fully expect the narrow margin that will strike down the mandate and much of the law.

Why? Simple.

This is the Supreme Court majority that the far right, the GOP, and the corporate oligarchy have been working on putting in place for two decades. They have paid their money. They have bought their court. And they, along with the Federalist Society, fully expect to get a return on their investment.

The election of Bush was the first installment. Now the the real payouts begin.

The law simply does not matter to these people. They will interpret the law to suit their goals.

When you have members of the court who attend functions hosted and paid for by the Koch brothers, at which they openly plan this defiant course of conservative judicial activism, openly, and with total disregard for even trying to maintain the appearance of neutrality expected of a member of SCOTUS, what the h*ll else do you expect?

End of story. Game over. The oligarchy has won.


Author: Ron