Mitt RMoney: Laughstock Candidate for President

Seriously. Willard is not releasing his tax forms because John Kerry’s wife’s forms were not released when Kerry ran for president?

Mitt: I’m not releasing tax returns because John Kerry’s wife, that’s why+

Romney has become a laughing stock. Even those on the far right are starting to see this. This is becoming a sideshow freak show.

No one can take this man seriously anymore as a candidate for president, and they know it. They are this week moving into the stage of acknowledgment, starting go get past denial. Then they will start moving into the stage of acceptance. The only question is, will they make it to that stage before the Republican convention, and the last chance to make a course correction.

Whatever. One thing seems pretty certain. Romney’s candidacy is dead.

The ONLY thing that can prevent that is if Obama and the Democrats wimp out again and stop the effective and truthful attacks. If they do that, then all bets are off. Again.

Obama team’s brutal ad last week, though, of Rmoney singing the national anthem while the countries where his money and our jobs have been off-shored played in the background, was powerful. As much so as a daisy picking little girl with an A-bomb.

More of this, please. Please, oh please, oh please. Do NOT wimp out and fail again, Democrats. The future of this nation depends on this.


Author: Ron