There Is No Fiscal Cliff, Just Arbitrary Dysfunction of Congress and the White House

I am faxing the following to the White House, to Rep. Pelosi, to Sen. Reid, and to my Indiana delegation members of both houses of Congress. Note that I am now including this message as the reason for my currently unsubscribing myself from every last Democratic support group’s emails and lists.

There is no “fiscal cliff”. This is an arbitrary accounting definition, and is meaningless in the context of the Constitution. The Constitution and its Amendments are absolutely clear. The United States cannot legally default on its debt. Further, we would not be so deeply in debt if the corporations and the wealthy were paying their fair share of taxes.

After Obama’s betrayal of those who voted for him by putting Social Security and Medicare on the sacrificial altar to the 1%, I am done with the Democratic Party and Obama. I will never again donate to anyone, for any office.

I have been betrayed for the last time. I am 66, I have paid into Social Security since I was 14. It is NOT PART OF THE DEFICIT! It is a trust fund, off budget. So is Medicare. I paid premiums by payroll my entire life into these INSURANCE programs.

It is nothing but a lie and a sham to include them in any discussion of deficit reduction. Congress raided 1.6 trillion dollars from Social Security to cover the tax cuts for the super rich, while waging wars off the books. Despite that, the trust fund is still in the black, and will not go into any deficit mode for two decades, unless those who oppose government programs, as the GOP does, manage to destroy them, which is in fact their goal. This is why I will NEVER, EVER vote for a Republican, not even for dog catcher.

Restore the taxes on the wealthy to rational levels, raise capital gains taxes, and tax every transaction in the stock market. End the tax cuts based on cutting payments going into the Social Security Trust fund. Every penny saved in that fund and Medicare makes them stronger. Cutting payments into them weakens them, and plays into the hands of those who would destroy the programs completely.

It is better right now to just let the tax cuts on everyone expire December 31st. This current Congress, the most useless and dysfunctional in the history of the Republic, is incapable of passing rational legislation, anyway. John Boehner and the House GOP are a laughing stock, who do not even understand how legislation passes, and that all revenue bills originate in the House, not the Senate.

Quit punishing the old and the poor to keep the super rich awash in their fabulous wealth. 400 people own as much as 50% of the lower half of Americans in terms of wealth. That’s 400 vs. 150 million. It is time to stop this obscenity. And many of them own corporations which are threatening to further abuse their employees by cutting their hours so they are not eligible for medical insurance under the AHA. I have with great pleasure read that Darden Restaurants, after taking this position, saw their quarterly profits drop 37%, as people boycotted them in disgust. Dear $DEITY, I love it when the Free Market bites back against the Corporate Oligarchy.

As for the Democratic Party and Obama? I am through with this charade. I coughed up several hundred dollars for Obama’s and the House and Senate Democratic campaigns, despite my initial promise to myself not to do so. But Obama will forever be known as the Capitulator in Chief, for always caving instead of being a leader and standing firm for the principles of FDR and the now dead to me Democratic Party.

As for the GOP, they are now a national laughing stock, as they have made it imminently clear the only things they care about are lining their own pockets with the rewards from the super wealthy for saving their tax cuts, and keeping them at levels that are the lowest in over 100 years. Meanwhile, they want to balance the budget on the backs of the elderly, and the poor. The Simpson commission was very accurately renamed the “Make Granny Eat Cat Food” commission by the public.

The tax cuts on the wealthy must be allowed to return to 39.5%. In addition, tax on capital gains should be raised to at least 20% or more immediately. And regulation of the banking and investment industry must be undertaken to end the current climate of corporate crime that is destroying America, and killing the Middle Class.


Author: Ron