Hobby Lobby Offered Birth Control Until Federal Law Required Them to Provide It

The owners of Hobby Lobby are pitching a fit and trying to raise the rabble of the right wing against the AHA provisions that require provision of contraceptive drugs in insurance plans offered by employers.

They are attacking Justice Sotomayor because she rejected their emergency hearing request. Their whining and bitching of course total ignores the fact that her ruling was a standard and to be expected ruling, and does absolutely nothing to address the merits of their case. Her ruling simply followed what is at this point centuries old standards that require challenges to the constitutionality of a law to work their way through the lower courts and the federal courts of appeal before they will be heard by SCOTUS.

In other word, this is just another example of faux outrage by the rabid right wing, in this case tinged with the rabid conservative evangelical position of the owners of the business.

That there stance is an exercise in sheer hypocrisy is clear from one simple fact: they had been offering the birth control coverage in insurance to their employees already before the AHA became law!

Justice Sotomayor rejected Hobby Lobby’s emergency appeal, thus requiring Hobby Lobby to suck it up, provide contraception access without copay to its employees, and wait for its case to proceed in district court.

Welp, Hobby Lobby is none too pleased with that decision, and has chosen to throw a million-dollar tantrum while it waits to litigate the merits of its case at the lower court level. Hobby Lobby’s attorney stated today that Hobby Lobby will not follow federal law requiring it to adhere to the HHS mandate (aka, provide slut pills to its slutty lady-employees) and that it will risk incurring 1.3 million dollars in fines — per day — rather than follow the law

Setting aside the fact that Plan B is not an “abortion-inducing drug”, Hobby Lobby is being flat-out ridiculous. Why?


Hobby Lobby To Defy Birth Control Benefit Mandate and Hopefully Go Bankrupt

What we are seeing is the culmination of the lawlessness and disregard for the Constitution and the Rule of Law that has been foisted on our nation by the GOP, and eight years of Bush and Cheney, with the full cowardly acquiescence of the Democratic party.

Our corporate oligarchy lords and masters of the universe simply no longer believe themselves bound to obey the law. They will take what ever arbitrary action is required to protect their power and their profits. And that is ALL that matters to them.

They are in fact engaged in a strategy that threatens the continued viability of this nation as a Republic in which the law is paramount, and applied to all equally, no mater their wealth, no matter their position of power.

There has been no equal application of the law for decades. We have seen that in the failure to bring the perpetrators of the economic crimes leading to the collapse of 2008 to justice.


Author: Ron