Obama at 51.06%, Romney at 47.21%; and the Gerrymandering of the House

In today’s FWIW column, votes are STILL being counted, and the tally now puts Obama at only the second two term prez since Eisenhower to win by a 51% or greater margin.

Following site is set up as a spreadsheet style tabulation of the national popular vote, and how it went to the major and the minor candidates in the recent presidential election.

2012 National Popular Vote Tracker

Also, apparently 53% of Americans voted for Democrats for the House, but because of the successful gerrymandering of districts over the past 10 years by Republican controlled states, this popular vote was successfully repressed by design. In fact, IN-09 is a good example of the success in drawing lines to insure they favor Republicans. At any rate, if the districts were drawn equitably, there would also be a majority in the House.

Of course the GOP is already drawing up a strategy to try and fragment the presidential electoral college in heavily Democratic states, in order to accomplish the same goal as was accomplished in the House. When of course the correct and fair thing to do would be to ABOLISH the electoral college and have a pure and simple majority popular vote.But then, if that happened, I don’t know if the GOP would ever win the presidency again, at least not in its current state.


Author: Ron