Woody Allen Responds to His Accusers Most Effectively

During the past week, the media have been lit up with reports of a letter from Woody Allen’s daughter with Mia Farrow, Dylan Farrow. In that letter, she accused him again of molesting her when she was a child, and described it in the most brutal and shocking terms.

Woody Allen has responded in an oped in the New York Times.

Everyone so ready to instantly condemn Allen should very carefully read his entire statement. It is brutally explicit and factual.

He was thoroughly investigated when the original charge was made, and the investigators then concluded forcefully there was absolutely no evidence of molestation, and in fact the only alternatives they considered possible were 1) a child disturbed by a vicious separation or 2) vindictive falsehoods by Mia Farrow, and quite probably a combination of both. All this in a context where prosecutors and judges were obviously drooling over the prospect of trying and canning a celebrity.

The facts the Allen lays out are actually very compelling, including recounting the first report Farrow filed. When first questioned, the child denied any abuse. Farrow took her away quickly for an ice cream, brought her back, and suddenly the child claims abuse. There is overwhelming evidence that Mia Farrow is the guilty party here. In fact, it is hard to imagine Allen not having grounds for a multi-threaded defamation suit. But from the way he concludes his statement, I think he just does not want to go there. I really feel nothing but pity for the grown woman who has been twisted by her mother in this fashion.

I am actually glad I took the time to read every last word in Allen’s statement, because I admit to being swayed by how a superficial reading of these latest allegations have played out in the media. But not now. There are just too many facts in Allen’s favor. In fact, when you look at all the facts, they are ALL in his favor.

I say this as a 68 year old who loved every last film Woody Allen has ever made. When I watch a movie, I try to separate the real people from the fantasy of the film, because as we know all too well, the feet of clay syndrome among celebrities is not exactly a new phenomenon. E.g. I love “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome”, but I refuse to watch any Mel Gibson movie made in the last ten years.

But I will gladly continue to watch any and every Woody Allen film I can get my hands on.

We watched Midnight in Paris a few months ago, and were stunned at what a simply brilliant piece of film and art and imagination it was.


Author: Ron