Freedom Indiana Petition: It’s time to protect all Hoosiers from discrimination!

I just signed petition to my Indiana state representative and senator, and to Indiana governor Pence.

Tell Gov Pence & Indiana lawmakers: It’s time to protect all Hoosiers from discrimination!

Since I know you absolutely are insisting that this legislation is not targeting gay and lesbian citizens, or people of color, or any other group, I feel confident you will immediately support this legislation to insure a law is passed guaranteeing that NO CITIZEN of the STATE OF INDIANA will be subject to discrimination because of religion, creed, race, or sexual orientation.

This will show the nation and the world that you did not pass the recently passed legislation to allow religious people to freely discriminate against these classes of citizens.

Right? See how simple this is??

[The rest of the petition was standard language provided by Freedom Indiana, as follows.]

As your constituent and a concerned Hoosier, I’m writing to urge you to support and pass the “Fairness for All Hoosiers Act”—critical legislation that would protect LGBT Hoosiers from discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations and clarify that the recently enacted RFRA law cannot be used to undermine local or statewide civil rights protections.

Since RFRA was signed into law last week, Indiana’s economy and reputation have suffered, in a big way. Already, this harmful law is costing our state millions of dollars and thousands of jobs—and that’s just the beginning. Every second RFRA is on the books is another day that the Hoosier State—and the people who call this state home—suffer at the expense of discrimination.

The “Fairness for All Hoosiers Act” is a legislative solution that would begin to rebuild our reputation and to move on from this harmful law by ensuring protections for all Hoosiers. As the eyes of the nation are on Indiana, passing this bill would send a clear signal that our state is once again open for business to all.

Discrimination isn’t a Hoosier value—and a strong majority of Hoosiers oppose discrimination against our gay and transgender neighbors and friends.

Please pass this bill quickly and let’s work together on fair-minded solutions that strengthen our state.


Author: Ron