Indiana’s Disgusting “Right to Discriminate” Law

The following comments were sent today to IN House Representative Matt Pierce (D), Indiana House District 061, and to IN Senate Representative Mark Stoops (D), Indiana Senate District 40. Similar sentiments have been send to Gov. Pence. As a member of the ACLU, I will also be expecting that organization to be suing the Hell out of Indiana ASAP, if they want to continue to get any dues payments from me.

The recently passed and signed legislation, which can only accurately be described as the ‘Right to Discriminate in Indiana Law’, is a travesty, and unconstitutional on its face.

Freedom of Religion does not mean imposing your specific religion and belief system on other citizens in the secular world.

I am encouraging every organization doing business with Indiana to stop doing so. No conferences. No conventions. No tourism. No moves of business to this state.

I worked with Indiana Athletics as IT Director for 15 of my 25 years with IU. I am contacting the NCAA to insist that no regional or national championships every again be held in this state if this law is allowed to stand. I am encouraging the NCAA to evaluate moving their home office out of the state.

This is a law allowing homophobes, bigots, and racists free reign to discriminate.

In Texas in 2012, a White man sued a grocery store because, as he claimed in a law suit, his “Creed”, his religious beliefs, would not allow a Black man to bag his groceries.

This disgusting, unconstitutional law, signed by Gov. Pence ( in secret, the utter coward and hypocrite), permits such an action.

Anyone who voted for this law has no understanding or concept of what Freedom of Religion is, or what the civil rights guaranteed under the Constituion mean.

I am disgusted, and ashamed to be a citizen of the Hoosier State at the moment.


Author: Ron