Deny Gorsuch SCOTUS; Impeach Trump for Treason

I just posted the following commentary to Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly.

The Senator must stop putting Gorsuch on SCOTUS.

This is a man who ruled the handicapped should be denied education, in a decision that matched the logic of Plessy v Ferguson and separate but equal. He is a tool of the far right, and has been groomed to help accomplish the complete corporate takeover and destruction of our Republic and Constitution and protection under law.

As for Trump, the man and his supporters are guilty if treason. It is now crystal clear they colluded in advance with the Russian government to throw the 2016 presidential election. Even Manafort’s daughter in hacked emails just published admits to finally understanding that their is blood on her father’s hands. Trump is a tool of Putin, who is a lawless dictator of what has become an enemy state. He MUST be removed from office before he destroys the Republic

History will record the names of those who try to normalize and accept Trump and his ilk and their actions at this point in the history of our Republic.


Author: Ron