My Response to a Friend’s Question on the Roy Moore Defeat in Alabama

The following is an email I wrote just now to a friend, who had emailed late yesterday evening asking if we were following the election returns in Alabama Senate special election.

Carol and I went to bed early, both suffering from severe sinus infections. But it is 2:22 in the wee hours, I got up because I was coughing so bad I could not sleep, and now, after reading the news online, I am smiling so hard it literally hurts.

Can you imagine spending your whole adult life, 50 plus years, hearing NOTHING but bad news about your home state, news that makes you ashamed?

I am happy Doug Jones won. He is a decent man with a track record of actually fighting for justice.

But reading the comments on, the web site for the major newspapers in north Alabama just now, I am reminded that 48 percent of the voters voted for a man who is a disgusting racist, homophobe, bigot, and who has repeatedly trampled the Constitution under his Roy Rogers cowboy boots, and who is unquestionably a )(*)(*)* pedophile. The horrible Bible thumping ignorance (which bears no relation to Christianity I know), the racism, the vicious attacks on “libtards”, just gushes forth. Although lately I have noted more and more people willing to speak out for decency, an encourage trend. I read the site regularly, I guess just to torment myself.

We had lifelong friends from Birmingham visit us recently for a couple of overnight stays, and they were appalled that the people of the state seemed willing to never, ever break with the past, but vote for literally the worst possible evil human beings available.

So I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, I am rejoicing, because this race should make it clear to the Democratic party that you win by running on the principles of the party, not pretending to be GOP lite, and by not wasting money on TV ads, but by putting money into GOTV efforts, and motivating your voters to get to the polls.

If anyone left in the GOP (Grand Old Pedophile Party) has any sense left, they need to wake up. There is a wave election coming, and it may be a tsunami not seen in more than half a century. I think the GOP has managed to finally reveal how totally evil they really are.

Thanks for thinking of me. This actually means a lot to us.


Author: Ron