Response to R-IN 09 Hollingsworth Poll on Actions Congress Should Take

Rep. Trey Hollingsworth, Republican Representative IN-09, posted online poll, as follows:

1. Question of the Week: As Congress works to help the American economy and American families, where do you believe federal funds should be focused?

– Assisting large industries like airlines and retail.
-Deferring tax liabilities or temporarily cutting the payroll tax for small businesses only.
– Sending direct support to every American family.
– Making loans only to businesses that would be repaid, costing no net tax dollars.
– None of the above – I don’t support spending even more tax dollars.
– I don’t know
– Other (share your thoughts).

My response to poll (also shared with Senators Todd Young and Mike Braun of Indiana):

Corporations do not need support. You already gave them a one trillion dollar tax cut, which they did NOT as you predicted plow into jobs, but into stock buybacks and cash reserves. The American people, and especially the workers living from paycheck to paycheck need financial assistance to eat, and to live just their usual subsistence existence. You should RESCIND the trillion dollar tax cuts, which have ballooned the debt three trillion dollars, and the deficit an additional one trillion.

Additional thoughts to the above, since I ran out of space the questionnaire allowed:

It has really become a sick joke that every Republican administration runs on anti-debt and anti-deficit platform, then cuts taxes for the corporations and the super rich, every time resulting in massive debt, deficit increase, and recessions, which the Democratic presidents who follow have to clean up. Every damned time.


Author: Ron