Ralph Nader Writes George Bush’s Letter to Obama

Dear President Obama:

As you know I’ve been peddling my book Decision Points and while doing interviews, people ask me what I think of the job you’re doing. My answer is the same: He deserves to make decisions without criticism from me. It’s a tough enough job as it is.

But their inquiries did prompt me to write you to privately express my continual admiration for the job you are doing. Amazing! I say “privately” because making my sentiments public would not do either of us any good, if you know what I mean.

The Leftists are always trying to have your policies show me up negatively. Hah—they’re having one hell of a tough time, aren’t they?

Me state secrets, you state secrets. Me executive privilege, you executive privilege. Me stop the release of torture videos, you backed me up. Me indefinite detention, you indefinite detention. Me extraordinary rendition; you extraordinary rendition. Me sending drones, you sending tons more, flying 24/7. Me just had to look the other way on collateral damage, you doing the same and protecting our boys doing it. Me approving night time assassination raids, you’re upping the ante especially since General Petraeus took over. Me beefing up Defense, you not skipping a beat. Me letting the CIA loose, you told them operate at large. Me demanding no pictures of our fallen troops, you doing the same, but allowing the families to go to Dover which I should have done.

There is one big difference. I never cracked a law book. You are a top Harvard lawyer and teacher of constitutional law. So when you do what I did, man, it’s—what’s the word—legitimization!

Obamabush. By RALPH NADER

This is a much more honest indictment of Obama and his actual actions (and manifold failures to act to effect change) than the current love fest of Diaries over on Daily Kos. Honestly, I start and end my day reading Kos, but too many of the diaries for the past few days are just insipid, whining pleas to support our fearless leader, and totally ignore the points that Nader, love him or hate him, points out quite truthfully.

I can never forgive Nader for his past actions, for in truth, he is why George Bush is in the White House, thanks to his third party run during the first term election of Bush. But the points he makes in this “letter” are simply objective and irrefutable fact.

Both my wife and I have given up on Obama and the Democrats, and we have all our lives considered ourselves ‘yellow dog’ Democrats. We donated what for us was a lot of money to his campaign. We donated to the Democratic House campaign committee.

Not gonna happen again. When in power, with a super- majority in both Houses, the Democrats proved once and for all how ineffectual and cowardly they are, unable to uphold and defend and act on the supposed principles of the party.

The most telling point in Nader’s letter is the comment on Obama’s training as a Constitutional scholar. Point being, Bush was pretty much an ignoramus, but Obama has no excuse for continuing to exercise and defend the infringing acts on civil liberties at home, and the continuation and expansion of illegal wars abroad that are bleeding this nation dry of money, lives, and reputation.


Author: Ron