Express Scripts vs. American Jobs vs. Profit: Greed is Good

The greed of the plutocratic and corporate ruling classes of this nation know no bounds anymore. The CEO of Express Scripts made 10 Millilion Dollars last year. More than the workers of this company have offered in wage concessions to try and keep Americans employed by the company.

But the company is not buying it. Apparently, for them, Greed is Good.

Express Scripts, the nation’s 2nd largest pharmacy benefits manager (PBM), is threatening to close it’s two Bensalem, PA facilities and lay off 1,000 workers, despite making $851 million in profit this year. The workers have offered to take $8 million in concessions to keep their jobs, but the company says it’s not enough.

Now the workers are fighting back to save their jobs and their community, as they face being thrown onto the unemployment lines right before Christmas.

Will you help put a stop to Express Scripts’ greed?

Sign on in support of workers fighting to keep their good unionized jobs at ESI on the right.

You can sign the petition supporting the workers here. Help Express Scripts Workers Fight Back for Good Jobs

This action by this company represents the distillation of everything wrong with America right now.

The concentration of 24% of the wealth in the hands of 1% of the population. Some recent articles I have seen suggest that the top 1% may now own 34% or more of the wealth, based on more recent studies. Wealth inequality in the United States

Short term profits and massive cash in the hands of the wealthy and corporations. The dismantling of the manufacturing infrastructure and the stable middle class of America.

The only word to describe this is evil.

Aside from that, it is short sighted, and the benefits will be short lived. Already no amount of mindless American exceptionalist thinking can conceal the fact that the redistribution of wealth and destruction of the key components that made for a stable society through the second half of the 20th century are turning us into a banana republic, with gated communities of the super rich, and their private security forces, vs. the poor and barely surviving plebs, and in areas such as health care, the World Health Organization ranks us no higher than 37th in the world for the quality and return on investment for the dollar of our health care system.


Author: Ron