Releasing Your Birth Certificate. It’s All the Rage Now!

I see that Louisiana Governer Bobby Jindal, being of a somewhat dark-skinned complexion and disposition, did not want to miss the bandwagon fostered by his Republican Party that makes it the really cool and vogue thing to release your long-form birth certificate for the examination and adulation and analysis of the masses, and as a prerequisite to prove you can run for president or vote.

This is just so cool.

According to the Birthers’ pursuing their irrational hatred of Obama to the next level after Obama finally smacked them and made them hurt by releasing his long-form certificate last week, Bobby can never, never, ever even run for the office of President, because he is not, according to their current newly revised interpreta­tion of the Constituti­on in regard to Obama, NOT a ‘natural born citizen’.

You see, the Obama Birthers have now declared that both parents must have been citizens already, for the offspring to be a legitimate “natural born citizen”. Seriously, this is the latest in their ever moving target position, although oddly they are silent when asked to quote the exact place in the Constituti­on it says this. But whatever, why let anything interfere with the latest hate-fille­d anti-Obama meme. right?

So, sorry Bobby, your birth to a couple of furriners, verified on your birth certificate with your mom’s residence being the the department of physics at LSU, clearly disqualifi­es you for the office of president of these here United States.

Since, and I am sure you will all agree with this certainty, we can expect nothing but consistenc­y from the right wing and the Birthers, the precise same criteria applied to Obama will of course be applied to Jindal.

There is just no way that fine Randian patriot Pam Geller over at the batsh*t crazy blog Atlas Shrugs can possibly fail to be all over Jindal’s certificat­e and parental histories, like she has been after Obama’s proofs of citizenship. In case of Obama, it only took her a matter of hours to explain why the long form released by Obama could never overcome the clear and compelling evidence she presents to prove that there is just no way Obama can be considered a ‘natural born citizen’. Just check out her research. You will be amazed, awed, struck dumb, basically.

Then again, though, since we all know, IOKIYAR, there is probably no reason to question a fine Republican politician’s, like Bobby Jindal’s, Bona-Birth-Fides.

But thank $DEITY America has such clear-thinking patriots and forensic experts as Geller and the rest of the Birthers to defend us from Obama, though.


Author: Ron