Voter Fraud Back Home in Indiana

Are all Republicans just criminals and hypocrites? Is it really a case of IOKIYAR? (It’s OK if you are a Republican!)

After a campaign of falsified video tapes and lies by Republican functionary and minion Andrew Breitbart, the Republicans managed to destroy ACORN, an organization dedicated to help the underclasses exercise their democratic right to vote. It has been thoroughly documented how Breitbart faked these videos, and all the claims against ACORN were falsehoods cooked up by the radicals who have taken over the Republican party. Here is a recent followup on the topic: Yet more evidence that O’Keefe did not ‘represent himself’ as the NYTimes and its Public Editor continue to claim….

But count on the Republicans to once again prove where the real criminals are: right here in Indiana, it seems.

For much of the 2010 election cycle conservatives warned about the potential of voter fraud from Democrats. Four months after the election conservatives finally appear to have a “slam dunk case” of voter fraud. However, the case appears to involve one of their own. Indiana Secretary of State Charlie White (R) has been indicted on seven felony counts of fraud, perjury, and theft related to the 2010 midterm elections.

As Secretary of State for Indiana, White serves as the top election official in the state. Democrats and Governor Mitch Daniels (R) have already signaled that White should step down given the serious nature of the allegations against him.

White allegedly lied about his address when he voted in the 2010 Republican primary in Indiana. White is also charged with perjury and fraud for allegedly lying to a financial institution about his place of residence. Finally, White is charged with theft after allegedly continuing to collect a paycheck from the Fishers Town Council member after moving from his designated district.

Republican Secretary of State in Indiana indicted on voter fraud

I just don’t understand. Apparently Mitch has already forgotten: IOKIYAR!!!!


Author: Ron