Tea Party Suffers from Early Raptures in South Carolina?

Perhaps these were the prematurely left-behind? The Rapture scarfed up Tea Partiers in South Carolina prematurely??

A newspaper in South Caroling reports on a fizzled Tea Party rally, and the picture in the article online is truly worth more than just a thousand or so words.

The Columbia Tea Party went from Donald Trump to jilted chump after the celebrity businessman canceled his appearance at Thursday’s State House rally, and state legislators approved tax breaks and spending that the group opposed.

Trump’s decision to not enter the GOP presidential race left local Tea Party leaders stewing about the way they had been treated. But about 30 people were on hand Thursday to thank Gov. Nikki Haley, lawmakers and activists for their work to require more on-the-record Legislative votes.

It was all part of a tough week for the state’s Tea Party movement.

Tough week for Tea Party ends with fizzling rally

Turnout was low?? What turnout??

Except for the two people in lawn chairs, what, were there maybe a half dozen people who just happened to walk by?

That the national news media have been treating the Tea Party as a real political movement has been one of the biggest travesties of the past two years. It is an astro-turfed, fake movement, conceived, directed, and staged-managed by money from the Koch bros and others on the Republican right wing as part of their ongoing past decade and a half of disinformation aimed at tricking the weakest and least informed Americans into voting their fears and prejudices, i.e., voting Republican, and against their own interests.

This year they apparently thought they could finally leverage this campaign, and achieve their goal to destroy Medicare and Social Security, which they opposed from the beginning, and have fought with every fiber of their political will at every step of the way. After all, as Paul Ryan (R-WI) has recently said, trying to warp the narrative even more, Medicare is just another form of welfare entitlement for the needy, not a health insurance plan for senior citizens. And since, as all Republicans know, American citizens on welfare always vote Democratic, then it is necessary for Republicans to destroy these programs.

The Republicans and the Right Wing in this nation simply cannot accept the notion that government can and should govern in a way that benefits the welfare of the people. I mean, good grief, it’s right there in the Constitution, you know, that document that Republicans are so good at referring to, but appear to come up a little short on having actually read and understood.

Nor can they stand the fact that the government has done one heck of a good job managing Medicare and Social Security. Medicare is managed with only 5% overhead; private for-profit insurance companies eat 20-35% in overhead and ridiculous salaries for CEOs and management.

Social Security is managed as a separate trust fund to shield it from the benefits of privatization, like the theft and corruption that the Right and the Republicans and their Wall Street and Banking Buddies are so good at. It is in no danger for two more decades, and even that goes away, forever, if you just start collecting a miniscule amount of additional taxes on incomes above $185,000. One of the current Republican lies is that Social Security has to be fixed to fix the deficit. Social Security has nothing to do with the deficit. It is independent of the regular budget and the deficit.

When will the majority of the people come to their senses and realize there is one simple way to know if a Republican politician is lying to you: HIS OR HER MOUTH IS MOVING.

I am honestly surprised I still have to explain this to anyone.


Author: Ron