Donald Rumsfield Still Desparate to Justify Himself and the Bush Cabal

Donald Rumsfeld is quoted in an article saying that Obama made the right call in going after and killing Bin Laden.

OK so far. But like his fellow war criminals in the former Bush administration, he can’t just stop there with the truth.

The capabilities to do it were developed over time by previous administrations, and they benefit the country, and the intelligence had been gathered over a long period of time,” Rumsfeld said. “And it came to fruition in the Obama administration, to the credit of the intelligence community. … I don’t have a doubt in my mind but that President Bush, if he had information as to the location of bin Laden, would have done exactly the same thing, and I thought the forces executed it brilliantly.”
Donald Rumsfeld: Obama Made The Right Decision On Bin Laden Raid

Yes, Donnie. Keep on trying. You ‘developed the capabilities’. Problem is, after a couple of years, you and Bush the Lesser DISMANTLED the team searching for Bin Laden and QUIT TRYING to find him. You were too busy cooking up fake intelligence, exposing CIA agents, and lying through your collective teeth, saying anything necessary to justify your invasion of Iraq.

As a result, YOU did not get Bin Laden. Obama restarted the search you had abandoned. And got him. Without torture, by the way.

And all we got from you was 3 FRICKIN’ TRILLION DOLLARS of debt thanks to your unjustified war, now known to have been launched on totally false pretenses; the hatred of most of the Muslim world; and thousands of dead American soldiers; not to mention estimates of as many as a MILLION casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan.

And all that blood is on YOUR hands, and Bush’s hands, and Cheney’s hands.

The rest of us may be raptured, or whatever, today, but for you and your circle, there is a very special and hot circle in hell, reserved and waiting for you.


Author: Ron