I Think the Revolution Is Over

FWIW, in the current insane state of affairs, earlier this afternoon I faxed a five page letter with the latest polls showing supermajorities say tax the wealthy and create jobs.

I quoted Warren (Socialist) Buffet, Paul Krugman, Simon Johnson on the threat of Recession/Second Great Depression, and the fact that Congress is doing everything backwards.

I quoted the latest polls showing Congress at all time historic low 14% disapproval.

But at heart, as I sit hear reading the latest news online, I just simply despair.

I truly believe that the political ruling class has just completely sold out to the super wealthy and the corporations and the Koch Brothers and their decades long commitment to this plutocratic oligarchic corporate revolution.

In other words, I think the revolution is over.

And they have won.

And what 80% of the American people say or do literally means nothing to them. They have the power. They have the money.

For them, life is, I guess from their point of view, good.

Not so much for the rest of us.


Author: Ron